All About Casino Chips

When you walk into a casino to play and try your luck at any of the tables, or at the slot machines, you need a special type of coin to play. This coin is called a Casino token. In some countries they are also known as casino chips, or casino checks.

They generally appear like small discs which you can use instead of your actual currency inside the casino. They are colored metal or clay molded tokens of different denominations, which you can use primarily in table games. These casino tokens have no cash value outside risks of gambling which is why it is safer to play with casino tokens rather than actual cash. Casinos have cash counters where you can exchange your currency money and get these chips to play your luck.

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Casino owners prefer to use casino tokens instead of real cash as it is more convenient to use these tokens instead of currency. Also, it makes theft and counterfeiting difficult, and it makes it easier to count them in stacks, as all casino tokens are made up of same size and weight gambling addiction. Though, there is no official weight declared, these tokens weigh around 10 grams or more, depending on the types of materials used in the making of these chips. Color of the chip may vary, as each casino has its own color schemes, based on the denomination of that particular casino chip.

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With so much money flowing in, the number one priority of any casino owner is cash security. Hence, casino tokens are hard to reproduce, but casino owners have raised the level of security and introduced casino chips with RFID technology embedded in them for their future security. Additionally, casinos have introduced gaming plaques which are larger and rectangular in shape and used for high stakes table games Poker Chips – Best Casino Sites. Mostly gaming plaques are used where stake are more than $25,000. These gaming plaques have a serial numbers on them for security reasons.