Cheating in Poker

Cheating in any game refers to the use of unfair means to gain an advantage on the fellow opponents and it is the case with Poker too. A person can cheat the fellow players by many methods. Just to name a few out of them will be collusion, sleight of hand or using a few objects like marked cards or holdout devices.

A person can also trick others by using his cards, known as card cheating. In this category, a person might have an expertise in the sleight of hand. There might also be a bottom dealer (or base advanced poker tips) or a paper player.

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One of the cheats, collusion involves two or more players playing together as a team without others at the table getting to know this. They can indulge in soft-play: not raising a bet that will be beneficial because it will cost your partner. They can also raise and re-raise the bets to a big amount to lock in the other players: whipsawing.

Collusion can be easily implemented in online poker. Two players can be in contact through phone or messenger. If not, the same person might even play from two different systems with different IP addresses. If this is well applied, catching it can be a cumbersome task.

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Another way of cheating is by using bots. They are automated programs playing poker replacing human Cheating at Poker. Although humans are far better at the job in terms of accuracy and the application of tricks but using bots is still an unfair means and it resorts to poker cheating.

Its painful, but some people don’t have the mental toughness a player like Tom Dwan for example has to go through the ranks of the poker world, work up a bankroll and get to Casino Games the big bucks. Some people want a shortcut, and cheating can sometimes be one albeit it might end in jail!