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Slots are fun, engaging, and quite exciting if you’re on a lucky roll; but every once in a while everyone feels like trying something new. Even if you prefer a game that is luck based as opposed to skill based (i.e. poker), there are other games out there that you can try- usually for free if you aren’t sure you want to risk money on it at first. In the case of playing in ‘free’ mode, it really doesn’t matter which game you choose.

You can feel free to try them all! However, in real-money mode, it’s worth noting that when you accept a bonus there are usually game restrictions on what you can play. Most casinos do not count traditional stud pokers, blackjack, or craps towards your wagering requirements. So what are some non-slot casino games that usually DO count towards these requirements?

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The first is the most obvious: scratch cards. Scratch cards are the most like slots in that you have no control over what you’re going to get. They also come in interesting designs, themes, and attached to various jackpots or other prizes. A few of the most popular ones feature celebrity icons like Elvis, t.v. shows, and famous Free Online Slots & Casino Games. Others are themed around the holidays and have special prizes that correlate to that specific time of year. The thing about scratch cards is that the fun is pretty instantaneous, and you can eat up a bankroll on them pretty quickly.

Another game that usually counts toward wagering requirements is Keno. My advice is to stay away from this one. It can be fun but it has some of the worst odds in the industry. The house edge can range from anywhere between 25%-45%! Also, there are a few animated and interesting keno games out there, but by and large few people play them for long. This is because you lose so quickly on them. Since few people play it, game developers psychology in poker haven’t really had much incentive to come up with exciting new versions. Chances are, you’ll get bored pretty quickly.

A final one that is usually offered as a means of reaching a wagering requirement is Pai Gow poker. Don’t let the name fool you. You really don’t have to know much of anything about poker for this one. It relies far more heavily on luck. In pai gow, you are dealt 7 cards. You must then try to make the best 5 card hand and best 2 card hand out of these 7 cards. You do not get to discard any of them, nor will you be dealt any new cards. What you see is what you get. If you’ve got a pair, put them together. Get a bunch of the same suit- put them together. Have nothing at all? Put the highest card you can in each hand playing final table. One of the only real rules is that the 5 card hand must be better than the 2 card hand.

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A player (or dealer) only wins if BOTH hands are better than the other person’s. This means that a great majority of the time, the result is a ‘push’. This means you had 1 hand that was better and the dealer had 1 hand that was better. Since you tied, no one wins. This means that even though the game is based largely on luck concerning the hand you are dealt, it also has very good odds- much better than scratch cards or keno. This makes it a great way to grind through a WR without risking your entire bankroll.

All in all, there are lots of fun games out there. If slots are starting to bore you or if you think you might be ready to try something new, give pai gow poker a try. It’s very absorbing once you get the hang of it.