Playing Final Table for First Spot

Some poker players just try to climb up two spots up their money ladder once they’re on the final table. This doesn’t usually happen when you’re playing with a professional. The pro will always want the top spot. If you want to play like a professional, you should follow these tips.

Get inside your opponents’ heads

You have to assess the situation and know what prize they’re aiming for. There’s no use trying to beat them all when they’re not really going for the top prize, anyway. Some poker players are pretty satisfied with the 9th or the 8th place, and most of them even make a big deal out of the difference Playing Final Table for First Spot. Try to weed out these mediocre players from the lot. You want to focus on the ones that would fold out the smaller games to get to the final payout.

Spotting them through stacks

Even without body language, you can actually determine which ones are playing just to climb up a notch or two, and which ones are going to shove to dodge the blinds. Players with everest poker stacks are likely to go for the 9th place. Those with longer stacks are going to fold to last longer in the game.

Players with big stacks

What you should watch are the two poker players with the biggest stacks in the table. They have the most interesting posts of all. If you’re one of them, you should attack the one with the bigger stack. If you have the biggest stack, expect Poker Tips what’s coming to you. Folding four or five times just to climb up a notch or two in the ladder is foolish. You’ll be wasting the opportunity.

Just raise and re-raise the chip leader and let him know you can’t get bullied. If all goes well, you’ll get the message across and win the big prize. If he’s as tough as you are, the two of you will probably tie at second place.