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The game of poker has evolved over the passed 125 years with many unique types of poker games one can play. Each type of game offers a separate and unique game play along with rules that are created for each. Within this article I will be going over the types and variants of poker and some of the basic rules and game ideas for each. Some poker players make a living playing particular poker games while others have the ability to specialize in more than one.

Something to remember is the fact most professionals understand the math behind the game and how to win long term so if you plan on playing any poker game for a living make sure you understand the statistics behind it and look at it long term as its very hard to get rich overnight although it has happened before.

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The most played time of games include Draw, Stud, and Community card poker. When your playing draw poker your able to replace bad cards for a chance of a new better card from the pot. Stud poker on the other hand is a game in which you receive some cards up and some down which is improved and bet on based on the pot the dealer plays in the middle. And finally community card poker is where players share whats played in the middle which can be used for your hand including the two pocket cards your dealt. Texas Holdem is the most popular type of community card poker game.

When playing some poker games twist can be thrown into them as wild cards and as oddly as it might sound some games like Anaconda actually allow you to pass your bad cards to other poker players. Recently the WSOP has went bold and decided to offer a Free Online Poker Games money tournament in which players have to play 10 unique poker gamesĀ  in which the winner is determined by who has the most amount of chips during the last poker online casino safety that is played. I have not heard much about this type of poker yet but when I understand on how this tournament works more I will create a section for it.

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There is way to much information I could provide on one page on the type of poker games you can play online or locally. On the right sidebar I have added a review for unique types of poker games with a full detail report on how to play each best online casino. Remember to study and practice as that is your best bet to win playing any type of poker game you so choose to play.