Poker Addiction is Harmful

There was a time in early history when man felt bored and decided to develop more serious means of enjoying the free time at his disposal. Many games were pioneered which tested the physical as well as mental strength of the people. Among the games that were developed was the game of poker.

Poker thus as you can see has a very long and old history. It has been practiced and played by one and all. Now days with the change in technology the idea of virtual gaming has become a craze among the public. It is a common sight to see traditional gambling houses been the second choice of today’s generation.

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Though virtual games and safe and provide a lot of fun there are times when you need to slow down and take a look at the world around. Online poker has just made inroads into the virtual world and it is surprising to find a lot of people passing their free time playing poker online. Thus in short online poker has become an addiction for the common man today. As net services can be accessed by all it is common to see some of the younger generation developing an addiction to this game. Though older and experienced players understand Poker Addiction is Harmful the risk statistics show that about seven percent of today’s generation is ignorant of the risks and danger.

Apart from the free access to the net it is the policies of these online game rooms that have turned people into addicts. The feasible time slots, variable game choices and the affordable or sometimes free entry are the chief sources of attraction. Due to these reasons it is an obvious fact that you may see many people turning into addicts for the sheer fun of it. This addictive nature can take control of one’s life and it is seen that many people start to play for money and once they start winning they keep on playing till they lose all that they have won. As they lose money in huge amounts they turn to gambling addiction and family to borrow money and when this is not possible they resort to criminal activities to fulfill their needs.

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As compared to the traditional poker playing in large casinos, online poker is a quick way for people to make fortune. The affordable fees structure and time slots as well as the numerous stories of amateurs striking it big are all gambling addiction for turning people into addicts. The younger generation fails to notice the hidden meaning behind these marketing strategies and fall prey to this social problem.

It is not only online poker that turns players into addicts even the land based gambling houses are to blame. These traditional houses offer various schemes and gifts to lure players into the establishments. It is out here that gambling is more defined. People turn into addicts once they lose their thinking power and cannot draw a line between money meant for living and money meant for gambling.