Poker Strategy Mindset

It is hard to play and make a profit while you are on the big blind. This is because you are out of position and forced to put the blind for a card you really have no idea of. You cannot do anything about this disadvantage but you can minimize the chips that you lose while on the big blind.

One of the most common mistakes poker players make is try to stand it out and defend the chips they have put out on the blind. You can defend it once in a while but having a mindset which dictates that you have to protect the blind cheating in poker it is yours is a big no-no. When out of position, you may want to play only a few hands so you will only rarely call raises when you are coming from the big blind position.

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One easy scenario to handle is when you have a small pocket pair after the flop since your position of disadvantage will be negated somehow when you hit a set. This kind of move is easily readable though as most players who get a pair on the big blind will most likely cold call your raise since they have a pair too. This is another situation that puts you in a disadvantage; when other Poker strategy has clearly read the range of cards you play. There is also a good chance that people will use a wider range to raise so you cannot get your chips even when you hit a set. You can make most of this though by playing continuation bets for some flops or by making it a bluff and raise.

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So in case you decide to raise while out of position, make sure you will be using a ton of pairs and putting some other hands from time to time just to balance things advanced poker tips. You also need to think of the mistakes that the other players can make after seeing the flop and see if this can widen the range of cards you can use with them.