Risks of Gambling

First and foremost let us find the answer to the question “Is gambling addictive?”┬áBasically stats will show that 90 out of a 100 people will agree with this fact. This is because just like alcohol and smoking gambling is one of the things that can cause a person to loose a sense of direction in his life.

In today’s world it is not surprising to see young people frequenting these gambling houses to earn a fast buck. Gambling once in a while is okay but when you begin to begin to loose your grip on reality and start spending more that you can earn you need to stop and think.

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Let us take a look at some of the attractions the sport of gambling offers. Gambling dens normally have an age limit which is necessary for gaining entry into the establishment, however now days the internet is one of the places where you can play a round of poker for a reasonable fee and without people checking your identification. Basically you can bluff your way from entry to exit. Online gambling dens are one of the main causes that are attracting people to this game. Good cash prizes along with other value added offers and services make it a point to keep the younger generation hooked. Though the old generation has sense to call it quits the younger generation spurned on by the adrenalin rush would want to play until they won the jackpot at the end of the game. It is this attitude of self convincing that causes them to get addicted to this sport.

For people who have turned into professional gamblers like Tom Dwan, the going is not always easy and there comes a time when the cards do not fall your way. There are many times when these people have lost all that they have won within a few minutes as they couldn’t say no to their inner voice. Gamblers are known poker addiction to have gambled off all of their possessions and left the established with only the clothes on their body. The feeling of defeat cannot be taken by anybody and it is this which causes the bouts of depression and other mental illnesses that are seen in such cases.

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A constant loosing spree that is incurred by a gambler will be infused with a chunk of cash either from friends or family or it will be obtained through illegal means. In short compulsive gambling leads to turning people into criminals who will do anything to satisfy their fantasies. These people then begin to live in seclusion from the outer world, thus they end up as victims of depression and mental illnesses.

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The families of these people are the ones that suffer the most as a gambler in the house is a cause of worry to all. It is these families that have to file for bankruptcy when all the money has been squandered by the gambler at home.

Thus the moral of this article is “think two times before you leap” as your present actions come back to haunt you in the future. Check out The Hazards of Gambling for more.