Some Common Tells in Poker

Poker is all about doubts and weighing the options you have to resolve a scenario. We decide on strategies to use although we are amid uncertainty. We look at our cards and we decide to play them or not.

You must not forget about the poker tells. We might be concentrating on our cards but that is just a portion of the game. Poker is about knowing your opponents. A good grasp of poker tells can spell some profits for you.

Here are some of our favorites:

Watch the impatient Knee

Check out the other players and notice if they’re shaking their knees. When this player bets, go and hold some chips.  Now, if their knees stop, most likely they are bluffing or they really have a weak hand.

Quick glances

When you see the flop, watch for players who will look towards the direction of their chips and then look away. They will play uninterested. These poker players according to experts Poker Tells are actually trying to help their cards.

Finger flick

When your opponents bet, you need to have a very keen set of eyes for that extra motion of the flicking finger. Spot that and you might have just caught someone bluffing or a so-so hand.

Sad Voices

Develop the ear for poker players who are trying to get into the pot with a sad tone or a sigh. More often than not, these are signs that you must fold your hand.

If you want to excel in poker, you must learn how to read people through their poker tells or their set of body language which will somehow give information about their hand.

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Poker tells come in the form of facial expression, habits, reaction, gestures, or any other clue which can help you anticipate their moves. As you gain experience you will see that some players can easily be read and some can easily give you falls tells to their advantage.

Look at the Eyes

As you may notice, a lot of professional players wear sunglasses or caps during a game. Eyes rarely can lie and can easily give an opponent an idea about your poker strategy. Some may stare at their big hole cards for quite a while. Others will just a take a quick glance and watch if others will be acting on it or folding.

Read that Expression

A lot of players try to give that poker face but experienced player can read the slightest hints of weak hands through your facial expression or body tics. Some players can show a certain reaction to a weak hand but some players can easily mislead opponents by giving a false tell.

Remember that weak can be really strong or what seems to be strong can be really weak. Be careful when you read the tells of the other players. Look for consistency and never let yoru guard down.

Checking Out the Chips

Some players will have the normal reaction of checking out his chips when he is readying for an cheating in poker. Observe and react properly.


Look for signs of distress and see if that means strong hand or a weak hand for certain players. Check out his eyes, sweat, chest, posture, or clearing of throat and wait for that bet or fold.