Urge to Win vs Gambling Addiction

Gambling is basically the urge felt by a person to earn a chunk of money in a quick and easy way. Though the pickings are always good the going is tough. There are a number of gambling dens that encourage this habit among the masses of people and it is a common sight to see youngsters as young as 20 years old trying their hand at this sport. A sport is a passion when it is maintained by the person however once a person forgets his/her aim in life he/she is led astray in the maze of life.

Gambling a sport is good to some limit however when that limit extends to betting keeping your children’s college funds, bank balances and the roof over your head as security it is time to call it quits. Gambling as a profession is not a good option as you will not be earning the same amount day after day. There goes a saying ?everyday is not Sunday’ and it is true where this game/ sport is concerned.

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Luck and wits are some of the qualities and ingredients you need to posses to strike it big in this arena. It is seen that when a gambler latches on to a winning streak he keeps on playing until he has exhausted his stock pile. After he/she has lost a considerable amount of money he is filled with guilt and becomes depressed. Depression in gamblers who have lost more than they have won is a common sight. Compulsive gambling is also a bad thought Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling. It may seem childish to think while sitting at a poker table a lot of money gets wasted; however in a regular outdoor scenario they would create a lot of hue and cry if they lost even a few hundred for that matter.

The process of self convincing is what adds fuel to the passion of gambling in people. A lot happens when people begin to build castles in the air, they begin to lie and blame others for mistakes committed and they cause problems that endanger the family setting. It is more than common to see families filing for bankruptcy and divorce due to misfortunes brought upon by gambling. In this sorry state of affairs it is the children who suffer the most. A depressed will take to committing acts of violence and criminal offences like stealing and lying risks of gambling. He may also live in constant fear of the society. He may start borrowing money from friends and family and resorting to illegal means to arrange money to fulfill his/her daily needs.

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However it is not too late to rejuvenate your lethargic piece of life. You can avail of the various therapies and meeting that are organized to aid such people. You should apply for both the therapies and professional counseling to get rid of this problem treat gambling addiction thoroughly. Treatment choices can vary from person to person and it is up to the individual to sincerely complete the prescribed counseling in hopes of living a more meaningful life in the coming future.